Couples often wonder, “What should I pay for a wedding video?”. At Pro Eye Video, we offer many different options to suit your budget, but I like using the following analogy to break it down.

What does an average DJ cost for 6 hrs?  Let’s be conservative, say $800.00

When the night ends, jobs done.  If you use the same formula for the time spent by a videographer and then double that for the minimum additional 6 hrs they will spend editing, $1600.00.  Of course you could receive the footage of just what was filmed but without piecing it all together and giving it life, I guarantee you probably won’t watch it all that often.


Pro Eye - What should I pay for a wedding video?

Now the next thing to consider is who have you selected to produce your wedding video.  Is it a part timer who depends on their full time job or a professional operator that depends on producing weddings videos full time?

The later will be more expensive but the guarantee of receiving your wedding video is far greater. Prices will vary with professionals, there is no standard rate because work is subjective, view samples, check out their history are they reputable?

Do I really need a wedding video?

Pro Eye have years of experience in creating perfect wedding memories for couples all over Melbourne, including wedding videography in the Yarra Valley and Mornington.

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