Regardless of the package you select from Pro Eye Video, you will receive an mp4 file of what was filmed in sequential order, we call this the Unedited Original Footage. It’s a great way to relive everything as it happened in the order of your special day with natural audio. The length will depend entirely on the amount of time we have spent with you on the wedding day and on formalities and traditions.  Say for a 10 hr day, this could be 2 to 4 hours of footage.

Our footage will be delivered clean, that means you will be able to make sense of it, visual and audio.  Before it is delivered to you, we will scan it for any bad shots, inappropriate or other. If we incorporate multiple cameras, perhaps during the ceremony, we will cut in the most appropriate shot at that moment.  All sound will be synced, for example if any wireless microphones were used, we will include the best audio at that moment.

Pro Eye - What is unedited original footage?

Viewing your unedited original footage.

You will receive the unedited footage along with the final edited film however some couples prefer to scan their footage before the edit.  This provides them with the opportunity to consider what they may not wish to include in their final edited wedding film.  We will assist you in this process with a constructed online form for you to follow and complete, it will guide you with what the editor will require to create the perfect memory for you. This option usually works best with a 30 – 60 minute film.

Pro Eye have years of experience in creating perfect wedding memories for couples all over Melbourne. Take a look at some of our Wedding Highlights to see some of the precious moments we’ve captured.

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