At Pro Eye Videography, we often get asked, “What is the Best Wedding Videography Package for me?”. Traditionally a wedding video is about capturing the whole of your wedding day. The usually includes the pre-ceremony activities of the bride and groom getting ready, the wedding ceremony, photo time and finally filming the reception. It’s not unusual to record up to 3 – 4 hrs of good footage.

So the next question is, what impact do you want when sitting down to watch your completed wedding film?

Do you prefer a short burst of emotion, a clip edited to one song? This is not so much about seeing everything that happened, more about the feeling it creates.

You can go mid range, 8 – 10 minutes, scenes usually more elongated, edited to 3 songs.

15 – 20 minute will cram in a bit more, an extended highlight of the day mostly edited to music perhaps some live audio.

And then you have the couples who prefer more of a journey of the day, to sit down and re-experience their entire day. From the early nerves, key ceremony moments with live audio, creative time during the photo shoot and then a blend of live and edited to music reception coverage. This is the 30 – 60 minute film. You may choose to relive all the speeches (average 20 minutes) and this can be included in the clip or as a separate clip, which will provide you with approximately a 40 minute wedding film and a 20 minute speeches clip.

Of course you may add a short clip also, best of both worlds!

Pro Eye - What is the Best Wedding Videography Package for me?

What is the Best Wedding Videography Package for me?

Pro Eye have years of experience in creating perfect wedding memories for couples all over Melbourne. Take a look at some of our Featured Wedding Videos to see some of the precious moments we’ve captured.

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