We’re thrilled to provide stylish wedding videography for Chris and Eve, whose spectacular and fun wedding day was a delight to all who attended.

The wedding ceremony took place at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Carlton. A beautiful and decades-old church that holds a deep significance with Melbourne’s large Greek population, it really did lend itself to their stylish wedding videography. The church’s design is stunning and distinct, with authentic European auras. It also provided plenty of parking space for the awesome cars waiting outside.
Speaking of cars, Chris’s keen appreciation of all things automobile was on full display. The muscular SLR 5000 Torana wedding cars were a perfect match for him, and added a unique character to the wedding. He couldn’t hide his huge grin even if he wanted to, and it is apparent in the stylish wedding videography footage we took!

Eve looked stunning in her wedding dress, designed by Sydneysider Steven Khalil. She had an absolute ball on her special day, bursting with energy and making the most out of every moment. Eve is the embodiment of elegance, and the styles she chose for herself and her bridal party reflected this.

Yervant Photography was there with Chris and Eve right from the beginning to capture the day in photographs. Alongside Yervant Photography, ProEye Videography stepped in to memorialise the day We wanted to produce their stylish wedding videography with the aim of capturing the spirit of their special day. We particularly wanted to showcase the inspiring nature of their love, as well as the love surrounding them through friends and family. This was easy to achieve, as Chris and Eve – as well as everyone around them – were full of life, laughter and love. It was a great project to work on!

After the wedding ceremony, the celebrations made their way to Metropolis Southgate. Metropolis Southgate is a breathtakingly spacious, classy and bright reception venue located in the most scenic part of Melbourne. Inside, everyone let loose and the partying began!
The design was of a modern aesthetic, achieved mainly through the slick monochrome colour scheme. A number of personalised items, such as the newlyweds’ names written on the stage, added a well-appreciated personal touch.
The reception was filled with dancing, laughter, eating, toasting and then even more dancing! Clearly, both sides of the family had a lot in common!

We wish Chris and Eve the best for the future, and we’re so pleased that they could have such a wondrous wedding! We hope your wedding video serves as a precious memento for you and all your family.
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