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Wedding Videography Packages

Pro Eye Video Wedding Videography Packages Melbourne

If you are looking for a simple solution that fits into your budget, we have a range of video packages available. Our packages are designed to be flexible and tailored to reflect the personalities and cultural traditions of our couples.

At Pro Eye Video, we also believe in being authentic and transparent. We offer the flexibility of you being to choose which features you’d like to have for the perfect wedding videography package.

Our Wedding Packages start at different levels,

  • The Wedding Highlight. 3 – 5 minute Wedding Film of the most captivating moments.
  • The Wedding Short. 8 – 10 minutes of joy and reflection.
  • The Wedding Story. 15 – 20 minutes of heartfelt images and sound.
  • The Wedding Feature Film. 40 – 60 minutes of Love, Laughter and Life. 
  • The Works. A Wedding Film to truly relive the experience of your wedding day.  
Pro Eye Video - Wedding Packages

The Wedding Highlight – Best bits cut to a track

Package 1

• 3-5 minutes of the most captivating moments.
We will select an audio track that will superbly work with the captured vision of your wedding day. Trust our experienced team to orchestrate a memory that will pull at the heart strings, ensuring that you relive the feeling of your wedding day over and over again.
• For keepsake, everything we have filmed and captured will be provided to you.
• 6 hours of our attendance to film or
• 10 hours of our attendance to film

The Wedding Short – Gaining some momentum

Package 2

• 8 – 10 minutes of joy and reflection.
A combination of music and audio of the day, our experienced and talented production team will lay the foundations for an emotional and uplifting journey for you to share for an eternity.
• For keepsake, everything we have filmed and captured will be provided to you.
• 10 hours of our attendance to film

The Wedding Story – A mini feature film

Package 3

• 15-20 minutes of heartfelt images and sound.
As we progress through the day, beginning with the pre-ceremony activities, followed by the moment of commitment and onto the festivities, we assure you that equal to the experience on your wedding day. Our creative team of professionals will encapsulate this day of history into a seamless memory for you and your dearest to experience for generations to come.
• For keepsake, everything we have filmed and captured will be provided to you.
• 10 hours of our attendance to film

The Wedding Feature Film – Not a moment left out

Package 4

• 40-60 minutes of Love, Laughter and Life.
A culmination of creativity and documentary style filming to truly portray the day as it happened. From the very beginning to the very end we will hold your hand through this emotional journey. Our sensitivity to your people, culture and tradition will climax into an epic visual spectacular of the two of you to rejoice for all time. Reflect on each other’s moment of entering the unknown and onto your commitment of love. Listen to the special words exchanged and shared, ending with the celebration amongst family and friends.
• For keepsake, everything we have filmed and captured will be provided to you.
• An interactive Menu with scene selection.
• 10 hours of our attendance to film

The Wedding Works – All inclusive

Package 5

For those of you that consider a Wedding Film to be the only true way to relive the experience of your wedding day then look no further. This is the pinnacle wedding film package.
Incorporating 2 Videographers working in tandem to capture the most important and creative scenes. Perhaps a videographer for each one of you preparing for the day and then meeting at the ceremony to capture both angles of you walking up the aisle.
How about a completely different perspective with a drone.
Again for the celebrations, 2 videographers and multi cameras to showcase your wedding and present it in way that you will treasure forever.

You will receive;

• 40-60 minute feature film.
• 1 minute Highlight clip for Instagram.
• 3-5 minute highlight clip prepared and shared with you within 2 weeks of your wedding day, to relive the moment very soon after.
• Your original footage with natural audio will be available to preview prior to editing the feature film, we will assist you in co-ordinating any information with our editing team to achieve the perfect result for you.
• An interactive Menu with scene selection to access film, and clips. View via Apple TV and USB
• 10 hours of attendance to film for each videographer

Pro Eye Video - Wedding Video Packages Melbourne

Fill in the form below so we can create the perfect Wedding Film for you. Simply fill in your details about yourselves and what you envision for your wedding. Once complete you can send your selection directly to us at Pro Eye and we will be in contact.

It’s simple and flexible, remember we are always here to help.


• Do you require extra hours of filming?
• 1 minute highlight clip perfect for Instagram
• 3-5 minute highlight clip ready to share within 2 weeks of your wedding day

Our People - Our Guarantee

Pro Eye are a team of highly skilled and talented professionals with a passion to excel. Our duty to you on your wedding day is to guide you through the process and ensure that we capture you for who you are. During the editing process, our proven system will assist you in creating the perfect outcome.

Tech Jargon - Cinematic and more

We are equipped with the most up to date tech to ensure premium quality. We carry multiple cameras for secondary shots where possible. For audio recording we incorporate additional microphones. Our editing style is flexible and complimentary.

Gossip - More info

To us, it’s crucial that you enjoy this one day, it’s how we will capture you at your best, the real you! We will respect your guests and blend into the day ensuring that the day is as enjoyable as is the final wedding film.
We sincerely believe that one experienced videographer is sufficient for your wedding day however you may choose to add an additional member to your day, either for a few hours or more.

To Be Noted -

The hours of filming are consecutive and may not be split. Prices quoted are for one videographer which includes all travel and tolls within 40 km of the Melbourne CBD, each km thereafter is charged at $1.00 per km. there and back.
If a flight is required, then it can be discussed. A surcharge is charged for News Years Eve and some public holidays.

You will receive the complete footage we have captured, presentable and viewable, with all the original sound. All camera footage will be seamlessly tied in together.

You will receive access to our complete music library to assist you in selecting music otherwise you are welcome to supply your own music.

If your package selection includes numerous clips such as a 15-20 minute film + highlight clips, included will be an interactive menu selection to play via USB, on your computer or smart TV.

Completion and delivery of your wedding film will take up to 12 weeks, depending on your selected package subject to when music and instructions are supplied.

Finally you will receive a wedding film that truly reflects you, presented in a length that works for you, telling the story of your day. All in High Definition video digital MP4 file ready to share via our cloud service.

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