There are many suppliers who provide both services. We always advise to check to see if both services are equally as good. Often a photographer will provide a video component at a discounted price to lock in their service. In this article, we go have a look at the pros and cons if you should book a photographer who provides video.

Pro Eye - Should I book a photographer who provides video?

Usually the hire photographer will book in a contractor to film the wedding and depend on more contractors to complete it.  Unfortunately though, the photographer understands photography not videography and has to manage that service, that can prove to be difficult.  If they refer or provide a video service that is managed by an independent video company that specialises then that may be a better option.

As an independent video company, Pro Eye Video work with different photographers all the time.  In our opinion, it adds to our diversity and keeps us from becoming stale!  No doubt that some are easier to work with than others but it all comes down to attitude and the ultimate goal, to make the couples day pleasant and memorable!

We are happy to refer a photographer to you based on your style.


Should I book a photographer who provides video?

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