Jonathan’s Christening

Jonathan’s Christening – Event Videography

While we specialise in producing some of the finest wedding videography in Australia, we are not limited to weddings. As you can see from some of our videos we also cater to other major events such as Bar Mitzvahs, milestone birthdays and name days etc. The recent Christening of baby Johnathan gave us the opportunity to showcase our abilities in event videography.

Held at Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Jonathan was extremely well behaved and relaxed almost falling asleep during the ceremony in the arms of his loving godmother. No tears from Johnathan as he smiled while he was christened and welcomed into the church with open arms.

From here the guests made their way to Normanby House where the celebrations kicked up a notch with traditional Lebanese drumming, dancing and drinks. Both father and mother could not stop grinning with pride for the baptism of their new family member.

ProEye have over 25 years’ experience in the industry, shooting thousands of videos for our extremely satisfied clients. No matter what the event, ProEye can help to immortalise all the important moments to ensure you have a detailed keepsake that lasts a lifetime. To answer any questions you may have please free to contact us directly here.





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