Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah

Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah – Event Video

The deeply traditional coming of age ceremony, Bar Mitzvah is sacred. As a result the event video needs to reflect this. Measured, respectful and in the right tone whilst still capturing all the important moments that you want to remember forever. The look in Jeremy’s fathers’ eyes as he helped him prepare in the traditional gowns and yamaka, the pride as Jeremy recited the ancient text was immortalised forever in this amazing event video.

From there the night turned into one of the biggest and best celebrations we have ever seen on the grandest scale.

Hosted at the stunning Luminare which overlooks the beautiful Melbourne cityscape, the Bar Mitzvah celebrations were just starting with live entertainers, carnival side show attractions, fire dancing and candy, candy and more candy.

The night was filled with fun, laughter and celebration marking the transition into adulthood. Friends, family and loved one’s were in amazing spirits as Jeremy performed a song for the crowd. Mocktails filled trays as far as the eyes could see for the young guests to celebrate Manhattan style right here in Melbourne. ProEye were on hand, capturing every moment to make sure you never miss a thing. For all you Event Video needs contact us here





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