What value do you put on a lifetime memory?  Let’s not just think about the instant satisfaction you gain from reliving all the moments soon after the wedding day, what about the future?  A lasting legacy of you and your family, how will your future family remember you?  Is such a significant moment worthy of them? In this article, we answer the question, “Do I really need a wedding video?”

Pro Eye - Do I really need a wedding video?

Consider the time and money spent on making your wedding look amazing to reflect who you are, a tailored wedding video will do exactly that but it will stay with you forever, even as our memories fade.

I recall a bride contacting me many years after we had filmed her wedding, she expressed how valuable her wedding video was, her father had since passed away but when she watched her father walking her up the aisle, she could recall how she felt that moment, her photos were beautiful but could not replace the feeling her wedding video created.

Here is one review that sums it up, it’s old but priceless:

Lolita Varrasso posted on ProEye Visual Productions’s Wall

“Hey guys… we got married in 1996 (eeiik! Almost 16 years ago) and recently had our video converted to DVD… Haven’t watched it in around 10 years so after finally watching it again today I wanted to express what an awesome job you did at making our day extra fun and special. So 16 years later, I want to say thanks for the wonderful job you did at capturing our day… Memories that will last forever thanks to you! ♥ “

Do I really need a wedding video?

Pro Eye have years of experience in creating perfect wedding memories for couples all over Melbourne. Take a look at some of our Featured Wedding Videos to see some of the precious moments we’ve captured.

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