Newlyweds Peter and Eleana’s stunning Crown wedding venue wedding videography captured their special day perfectly.

Peter and Eleana’s wedding at Crown was a spectacular and heartfelt day. Surrounded by smiling family and friends, Peter and Elena were the idyllic couple, each tenderly loving every minute of their special day and looking forward to a future together.  It was our privilege to create their Crown wedding venue wedding videography.

The beauty of Eleana’s unique wedding dress by J’Aton was only matched by the incredible Crown venue that Peter and Eleana personally created with Design by Coco.

This was the day that the happy couple had dreamed about.  It began with preparations at the bride’s parents’ property – you can get the full impression of the picturesque setting with our drone footage.  The bridal party then moved on to the Red Hill Greek Orthodox Church, where they said their “I Do’s” in front of family and friends.  It was then time to move to Crown for their reception.  At Pro-Eye Video, we are ready and willing to travel distances across Melbourne to ensure your day is captured exactly as you’d like it to be.

The ambiance at Crown was one of class and elegance. As they allow you to reconfigure their reception halls, Peter and Eleana were able to design the hall exactly as they dreamed. The long dining tables were spaced apart to allow a large space in the middle of the hall, which meant all guests could walk around, mingle, dance and have fun! It was a fantastic design that paired well with their friends’ and family’s clear love of music and dancing.  

Yervant Photography was there to document and capture the breathtaking day in pictures. Pro-Eye Video was excited to work alongside them, using high-grade filming equipment, expertise in cinematography and superbly selected backgrounds and lighting, the magic and glamour of Peter and Eleana’s wedding was exquisitely reflected on film.

Creating the ultimate wedding video is all about venue, and there is no venue more famous in Melbourne than Crown. Situated in the slickest, most modern area of Melbourne, Crown elicits glittering grandeur in a high-class setting, and is a place all Melbournians know.

You can also capture your wedding with the quality of a Hollywood film through Crown wedding venue wedding videography by Pro-Eye Video. Forget the patchy, home-video style footage you’re used to, because with our technical experience, along with the stunning backdrop of Crown, your wedding video will become a piece of magic itself. We’ll be there with you to grab every smile, every tear, every guest and every special moment!

Crown Wedding Venues are flexible, so you can create your own unique wedding experience and design just like Peter and Eleana. Whether it be an exuberant, lively affair or a quiet and relaxed one, the decision is yours!

We’re so happy that Peter and Eleana can now treasure their perfect wedding video as a piece of family history for the rest of their lives. If you’d like your wedding to be captured in a similar way, get in touch with Pro-Eye Video’s wedding videography service.  You, too, can create your dream wedding and have its charm and magic captured for eternity.